Southern Cross Cannabis Clinic welcomes DVA patients across Australia who are considering medicinal cannabis treatment to assist with the management of service related health issues, including chronic pain and mental health conditions. Our doctors understand the complexities of the DVA claim’s process and are comfortable assisting patients who are seeking to have their medicinal cannabis treatment supported by the Department.

Southern Cross Cannabis Clinic regularly hosts information sessions to educate DVA patients and their families about medicinal cannabis treatment. To be informed about these sessions, please contact the clinic.

Veteran’s interested in participating in research examining the effect of medicinal cannabis treatment on DVA patients suffering PTSD are encouraged to complete an Expression of Interest form located on the Provocatus website


Southern Cross Cannabis Clinic is available to support doctors across Australia who are engaging with their DVA patients about the option of medicinal cannabis treatment. Our clinic offers education and support to doctors by a variety of avenues including online coaching. To learn more about our doctor education, please contact the clinic.

To learn more about your eligibility for consultation/treatment, how medicinal cannabis could assist you, our fees and other important information, please visit the Patients tab.