About Our Practice

Academic research supports that medicinal cannabis is a relatively safe, non-addictive and efficacious treatment option that may assist patients who suffer from a range of health conditions. It is our view at Southern Cross Cannabis Clinic that access to medicines that alleviate suffering is a human right and a medical responsibility. We believe that patients suffering chronic pain should have equitable access to medications that are legal and have been appropriately prescribed by a medical doctor as part of the overall care of the patient.

Southern Cross Cannabis Clinic evolved from a recognised need to provide consolidated care to eligible patients using medicinal cannabis to treat chronic pain and other conditions.

Our clinic integrates specialist care, access, and information about medicinal cannabis within the primary health setting, thus enabling patients to receive treatment for a variety of conditions whilst having any other general health concern met. This approach also created an opportunity for academic research to study the use of cannabinoids to treat health conditions.

Southern Cross Cannabis Clinic incorporates doctors and allied health care professionals, who deliver the very best health care to patients. Our practitioners are experienced doctors located across Australia, who are available for on-site and/or telehealth consultations.

To learn more about your eligibility for consultation/treatment, how medicinal cannabis could assist you, our fees and other important information, please visit the Patients tab.